Downloading GradePEP On Your Desktop


Upon order completion, you will receive an email containing a URL link you will need to click to start your GradePEP MP3 audio file download. Be sure to check your spam folder for that email. The image below shows how that download URL link will look in your email.

email download link

Click the “GradePEP Audio Download” link in that email to download the zipped file folder containing your GradePEP MP3 audio file. All files are safe from

Create a folder on your computer titled “GRADEPEP” and place/save your zipped audio file in that “GRADEPEP” folder where you will find it easily at any time.

Open your “GRADEPEP” file folder and right click on the zipped GradePEP file. Then, click extract in the drop-down menu.

Once extracted, copy the unzipped GradePEP MP3 audio file and place it on your Desktop where you can open and play the audio exercise easily at any time.

Your GradePEP audio download link will expire, so be sure to download the audio file as soon as you receive the email.

Can’t Find Your Download File

If you can’t find your GradePEP zipped file once you’ve downloaded it, look in your “Downloads” folder or check the top right of your browser bar for recent downloads. Sometime your computer will automatically download files in your “Downloads” folder.

Questions Or Issues

If you have any questions or issues, please use the “Contact” page on

Learn About GradePEP

Click here to learn about GradePEP audio exercise.

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