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GradePEP is a simple, 12-minute relaxation visualization audio exercise proven to improve school grades, focus, test taking and study ability. GradePEP is also proven to eliminate test anxiety, ADHD and the need for Ritalin.

For All Grade Levels

From kindergarten to college, students of all ages will benefit from GradePEP.

Life Changing Benefits

I was struggling so badly in college accounting, I remember leaving class one day in tears after seeing my failing test grade. Then, by luck, I was introduced to this powerful relaxation visualization audio exercise and soon after, failing grades were no longer an issue. I will never forget taking my final accounting exam in less than half the time of my classmates and the look of disbelief on their faces when I walked through the classroom after handing in that test so quickly. The instructor posted final exam grades on the hall wall the next day and my test score was third highest out of 90 students.

More Benefits

A lady friend of mine had an 8-year-old son who was struggling so badly from ADHD, his teacher was pressuring the mom to put the boy on Ritalin. According to the teacher’s letters to the parent, his grades were terrible, he could not focus and he was disruptive in class every day. The boy was even bed-wetting at the time. When I learned of all the issues, I told the mom about the amazing benefits I gained from the relaxation visualization exercise and I offered to walk her son through the simple exercise. She said okay, and within one week after the boy completed the short exercise only two times, the teacher sent home a positive letter stating: “Whatever you are doing for the boy, keep doing it.” The teacher also wrote, his grades improved dramatically and he was no longer disruptive in class. According to the mom, his ADHD was gone completely, he never had to take the drug Ritalin and he even stopped bed-wetting.

I learned about this powerful relaxation visualization exercise from a college counselor and after I experienced the incredible results and also saw how the boy responded so quickly with dramatic positive results, I knew this simple audio exercise could benefit thousands of children in need. So, I created GradePEP 12-minute audio exercise specifically for students of all ages.

GradePEP relaxation visualization audio exercise will make a huge positive difference in your life if you are a student struggling with school grades, test taking, studying or ADHD. Even if you don’t have any problems in school, GradePEP will benefit you.

A handful of psychologists custom create relaxation visualization audio exercises for more than a thousand dollars, but you can take advantage of this powerful exercise for 50% off the normal price of $47 by following the directions through the link below.

How To Download GradePEP For $1

Follow these directions to get GradePEP audio exercise in MP3 format for your mobile device and/or desktop computer for $1.